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The five Yumeyama Brothers are students of Seika High School who study under Misaki Ayuzawa.


The five Yumeyama Brothers have short brown hair and dark purple eyes. They have an average weight and height and are usually seen wearing the school standard uniform excepting the green jacket. However in the manga, each brother looks different. Three of them have dark hair with one wearing glasses, the other two are light-haired.


Their admiration goes so far as they follow Misaki everywhere, considering her their master. They have an enormously over-eager attitude, so they make Misaki extremely nervous. The Yumeyama brothers are always cheerful, joyful, sociable and optimistic. They are also dynamic, energetic and sportive. Even if Misaki is visible nervous on their attitude and behavior, the Yumeyama brothers don't see it and don't think they're exaggerating with their following of Misaki. The five Yumeyama Brothers are talkative, innocent and also friendly. Sometimes they have a childish attitude.


The five come to Seika High School and become attached outright to Misaki Ayuzawa. Seeing Misaki as very interesting and exciting, they describe her as their great champion and ask her to teach them everything she knows. From then on, they follow Misaki at every turn, no more, they move as close to their appalling that they let their barely air to breathe.


  • Their surname, Yumeyama, means "dream mountain".
  • In the manga, rather than Misaki being the master" of the Yumeyama brothers, a group of five brothers who all look alike, she received a group of five disicples who were separate individuals and can be easily distinguished. There were two boys with blond hair who appeared to be twins, a boy with combed down black hair and glasses, another boy with black hair that was slightly unkempt, and a boy with black hair who appeared slightly younger than the rest with short messy hair.