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Yūjirō Ono (小野 裕次郎, Yūjirō Ono) also known as Wiliam Adam Yūji (ウィリアム アダム 祐二, Uiriamu Adamu Yūji) is a student of Yumesaki High School and the drummer of the indie band UxMishi.


He is a young boy with short light ocker hair and purple eyes. He is usually wearing the standard Yumesaki High School uniform. Yūjirō is tall and at an average weight.


He is rather friendly and maintains close contact with their female fans and seems to really enjoy it. However, he doesn't mix with his band mate, Kuuga, who was extremely distasteful to the feelings of their biggest fans like Sakura. Yūjirō also seems a cheerful, joyful and sociable person.


He first appears in the series  when he is seen on the stage along with the others UxMishi members. In the manga, he is first seen when Sakura introduces him and his other bandmates to Misaki Ayuzawa and Shizuko Kaga. He seems somewhat interested in Sakura, insisting her to attend the concert. Since Kūga isn't interested in Sakura, he thinks of letting Yū have her. After Misaki and the others leave, he is seen confused by the angry looks of The Moron Trio. He later appears during the Yumesaki Festival, rocking his drum at the UxMishi concert.


  • According to the character profile in the manga:
    • His specialty is cooking meat and potato stew.
    • He likes people.