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UxMishi (ユメミシ, Yumemishi) is a fictional Indie rock band in the anime and manga series Kaichou wa Maid-sama!


The band consists of four boys, all coming from Yumesaki High School:

  • Kūga Sakurai: is the vocalist and lead singer. He first seems calm and gentle, but in truth he is rude and arrogant especially to his biggest fan Sakura Hanazono. After having an incident with Misaki Ayuzawa, he changed his ways and started to have feelings for Sakura.
  • Kōma Yabu: is the bassist and a backup vocalist. He has a lot of hardship and always scolds Kuga for his rude behavior.
  • Yūjirō Ono: is the drummer. He has a cheerful personality and people often think he is a foreign student, because of his pseudonym William Adam Yuuji.
  • Shōsei Nikaidō: is the guitarist and and a backup vocalist. He is very quiet and doesn't talk that often.