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Tora Igarashi (五十嵐 虎, Igarashi Tora) is the heir to the Igarashi Group and the former Student President of Miyabigaoka High School[1].


Tora is a tall and extremely handsome fair-skinned young boy with yellow-green hair that has bangs hanging on the right side of his face, gold eyes and appears to have unusual fangs. He usually was seen wearing his school uniform. He was in love with Misaki Ayuzawa from Seika high school.


Tora has a very complicated personality as he initially appears as a gentleman who marvels at Misaki Ayuzawa and the changes she has brought to Seika High School, offering her a chance to come to Miyabigaoka High School bored with the women surrounding him, who are easily submissive because of his wealth. He enjoys causing drama around him, he thinks that money can buy anything and he convinces people usually with his fake smile.

Tora's only real smile is his evil one as he says he never has the time to drool over girls. But he only has place in his heart for Misaki. However, there is another scary, womanizing side to him, which was revealed to Misaki when she went to refuse the offer to join Miyabigoaka. Although she develops a hatred for him with this, he just becomes more interested than ever in her. He felt (being the heir of the immensely wealthy family) that, Misaki was different from the other girls, whom he could get with money.

This lingering affection continued on for three years, to the point where even Chiyo Sakurai (Tora's fiance) noticed it. Nevertheless, by the end of the bonus chapter, he seems to have an interest in Chiyo, who impressed him with her mature attitudes and hidden stubbornness.

Tora also speaks in the Kyoto dialect. [2]


Tora is first seen being requested by Hirofumi Koganei to demand an apology from Seika High School, who he describes as savage and dangerous, in which Tora’s response is to throw water in his face and ordering him to shut up.[3] He then later reviews a file about Seika High School and it's president.[4] Soon after, he meets Misaki Ayuzawa when he comes to Seika High.[5] Upon meeting her and noting her beauty, Tora is quick to kiss her hand and treat her to a red carpet and his carriage.[6]

A confident Igarashi in his car

Tora later meets the rest of the council and praises their work under Misaki. As some hooligans run around and are stopped by an angry Misaki, Tora is quick to praise her abilities.[7] Seeing her, Tora asks Misaki to join Miyabigaoka High School. Even though she is hesitant, Tora assures her he will take care of the admission work. As she brings up her inability to pay the fees, he offers her a scholarship. He initially gives Misaki three days to decide, telling her that she has made Seika High a good school, and takes his leave.[8] Later while in his car, Tora expresses interest in the future dealings with Misaki.[9]

Later that day, Tora sees Takumi Usui walking down the street. Remembering him as the boy who was with Misaki, he follows him into the alley behind Maid Latte. As he confronts Takumi during his conversation with Misaki, the latter hides in fear while Takumi speaks. However, Takumi quickly dodges Tora and tells him that he's with his maid and cannot talk, walking away with her and leaving Tora wondering.[10] Inside his office, Tora comments on meeting Takumi out of the blue with a maid who seemed to be his girlfriend. As he ponders the relationship, another student shows him a file on Misaki, causing Tora to get excited about having found out Misaki's job as a maid.[11]

An accidental accident

After three days pass, Tora is in his office and sees that Misaki has arrived at Miyabigaoka to give her answer. Insisting on getting her a drink, Tora direct Misaki to a chair and begins speaking. As Misaki is about to give Tora her reply, one of his classmates accidentally spills the drinks he was serving on her uniform.[12] Due to this, Misaki is forced to clean herself in their shower room. During this time, Tora sends for her clothes to be cleaned. As she questions this decision, Tora begins asking her questions and proceeds to enter the washroom, forcing Misaki to put on a rather revealing maid uniform, causing him to break out into laughter.[13]

Tora reveals his true personality

Misaki insists on having her uniform returned, though Tora tells her the maid outfit suits her. As he takes out a photo of her in a maid uniform, revealing he knows about Misaki's part-time job, he asks if it is not her true self. Putting her against the door, Tora comments on a girl such as her choosing her line of work. With both of them locked inside the student council room, guarded by his minions, Tora takes off his jacket and tells Misaki to come over, disappointed in thinking she came to accept his offer to get his attention and money just like the other women who are interested in him, believing her to have been more determined than others.[14]

Misaki restrained by Tora

As Tora states that her transfer to Miyabigaoka will be good for him and that he can buy her, he takes out a large amount of money. As he states women never refuse him due to his money, he pins Misaki to the table, saying she is no different from the rest. However, Misaki disappoints him, telling him that she came to reject his offer since she has no intention of leaving her school behind. Nevertheless, Tora pins her down and tries to forcefully kiss her, and tries to sexually harass her, with his skill in judo helping him, However, Takumi, having defeated Tora's minions, comes to Misaki's rescue. Taking her away, Takumi tells him he can't touch her, while Misaki, before leaving, says he can meet her any time in her capacity as the president.[15]

Tora at Maid Latte

Later at Maid Latte, Tora is there to support Kanade Maki's decision of purchasing the shop, telling the staff that he knows what he's doing. As the Moron Trio opposes the purchase, Tora stares at them, making them drop the issue as he calls on Kanade to leave with him.[16] Outside the shop, Tora is approached by Misaki, who asks if he's interested in the shop because she works there. Telling Kanade to leave, Tora take a hold of Misaki's face, only to have her be pulled away by Takumi. Stating he's just supporting Kanade, Tora asks why Misaki is so passionate about her job and if she intends to work as a maid full time after graduation. Telling her that the auditions are soon, he quickly rephrases himself and tells her women can't join.[17]

Tora watching the auditions

After the start of the male-only footman auditions, Tora watches the masses participating and notes that only a few dropped out from the start, wondering how long the rest can last.[18] During the next task, Tora appears as a judge, being the one who provided the space for use.[19] When Misaki and Takumi's partners in the audition are revealed to be a girl and a middle school student, the two are eliminated. However, rather than eliminate them, Tora suggests they be partnered together since, even with disadvantageous partners, they came relatively far. Misaki's gender is questions but then "proven" as male, surprising Tora before he realizes what's going on.[20]

Tora offers Kanade a shop

Later, Tora meets Takumi outside the restroom, commenting on the latter playing the part of the knight. Takumi returns a comment, saying Tora is enjoying his time. Tora talks about a boy who saw him and rushed into the male restroom, hitting his head as he did so, something which he found funny. Commenting on what Takumi is doing, Tora states he will enjoy it.[21] Later, during the final test, Tora watches the participants from above, commenting on the tense feelings he's getting[22] as he watches the auditions start.[23] Once the auditions are over, Tora talks to Kanade, asking why he's outside and telling him to stop showing a gloomy face. As Kanade talks about what Misaki said to him, Tora chides him for losing focus after hearing her words, telling him he needs help. Tora offers Maki another place for his shop. Maki is surprised due to its viability but Tora shrugs it off, claiming he has another place for such matters as he walks off[24] and tells Kanade he needs to try harder in the future.[25]

Tora accepts a new project by Gerald Walker (Takumi's brother) to have him attend Miyabigaoka, leading Tora to try to break up his relationships with other people. He has Kanade set up a party in his new shop to draw Misaki and the Maid Latte members there. He separates Misaki and introduces her to various aristocrats to show her the way of the high class then goes on to ask her out. When she rejects him that they are from two different worlds, she’s unaware that Takumi, acting as a butler at the party, hears what she said and begins questioning their relationship just as Tora had planned.

In Chapter 60, he goes to Kyoto to visit his parents’ home and while in a walk with Kanade and several attendants, he bumps into Misaki and students from Seika on a field trip. He greets them politely, acting as a kind student president before wishing them a good visit and leaving. [26] He reappears in Chapter 61 when he is on his way back from a tea party and laughing at the Seika students interacting. When Misaki confronts him, he actually congratulates her for having allowed the boys and girls of Seika to get along before leaving.[27]

After Takumi has decided to officially attend Miyabigaoka, he is shown organizing the Elite Group of students for Takumi’s arrival[28] before going at Seika to pick him up as he’s wished farewell by the school.[29]

The day before Takumi’s first day ay Miyabigaoka, Tora receives a call from Gerald asking him to look out for Takumi while giving him the nickname “Tiger-kun”. Before they hang up, Gerald has him say something in Kansai-ben because he enjoys it. After they hang up, Kanade asks him if Gerald has lowered his guard while Tora remarks how both brothers irritate him.[30]

The elite students mention how it was his order to get along with Takumi as he doesn’t have any friends;[31] he described Takumi to them as his “special customer” and to help him integrate better into Miyabigaoka. They agreed because forming connections with Igarashi improves their businesses, especially to the Umekōji family who hope to build a kindergarten and elementary school in the academy.[32]

In chapter 67, Tora is playing golf while discussing with Gerald the birthday party he is planning for Takumi. Kanade offers to have the student council organize it, but Tora wants to leave it to the Elite group.[33]

On the day of the party, he enters alongside Takumi on horseback and compliments Fushimi for the choice of the horse.[34] Afterwards, he stands on the podium to formally introduce Takumi as his friend and wish him a happy birthday, then accompany him as he mingles with the crowd. As his gift, Tora gave Takumi a large bronze stature of himself. [35]

Tora and Takumi hold a private conversation in which Tora expresses his approval of Takumi’s speech and his debut. Tora says he was disappointed Takumi hadn’t tried to run off with Misaki for the day which would have been an interesting game of pursuit. Takumi sarcastically apologizes and says he would have felt guilty if Tora had been abused by his brother if he hadn’t come quietly. Takumi leaves the party early at this point to go meet Misaki. [36]

In chapter 72, as Takumi and Misaki take a secret tour of Miyabigaoka, Takumi describes the place as the Igarashi plutocrat’s theme park, referencing Tora who’s the board chairman’s son.[37] As they look around, they find Tora playing tennis with older gentlemen. Takumi mentions that he’s among the top students academics wise and the others acknowledge his superiority while the teachers of the school think well of him, too. Takumi suspects that all of this is the socializing required for Tora as the board chairman’s son. After an intense round of tennis, Tora shakes hands with his opponent and chats with others. At this moment, Fumishi arrives and they talk for a bit. After leaving Kanade in charge of the tennis group, Tora takes off on the horse.[38]

In chapter 74 while Takumi is away in Britain, Tora visits Maid Latte with Kanade. After mocking the cafe for their samurai event day, he brings up the video message sent by Gerald. He reminds Misaki of the distance between herself and Takumi and asks her if she had the resolve to enter his world.[39]

He is visited by Misaki at Miyabigaoka and after listening to her roundabout explanation, understands that she’s hoping to receive his help in getting her to Britain while saying she will help his business ventures. He laughs at her request, but has the Elite group come in to prep her on the training she must undergo to make it to Britain. He says he’ll do it for the entertainment value and she promises to give him entertaining results, to which he laughs at.[40]

Tora entertains himself in chapter 75 by laughing outrageously at Misaki’s training with the Elite group, especially her failed dancing lessons [41] and flexibility training. When she asks why she needs to be flexible, he calms down enough to tell her she might have to jump from high places. She isn’t impressed with his strange assumptions and when Yi Hua forces her to gripe in English, he bursts into hysterics again.[42]

After several days of this, Tora stops by the Maid Latte after Misaki’s shift to remind her of a training session that day. In front of Shintani, they try to keep their conversation friendly as she thanks him for making her wear the high heels to get use to them while he insults her fashion sense.[43]

Tora and Kanade arrive to the resumed training with Misaki having makeup applied by pervert while the girls quiz her on fashions. He asks about beauty and fashion and when she “thanks” him for pushing her to her limits, he comments that even she can look good in the right clothes before mocking her for her heavy makeup. After the others of the group excuse themselves for their classes, Misaki asks Tora why they all are helping her. He replies that they all flock to him for his power and money, including Kanade who is visibly upset by this accusation. Tora sends him on his way to the shop, then instigates a test of Misaki’s lady skills. When she refuses to dance as he wants, he leads her in a waltz as they bicker and after a rough start, she shows improvement.

Though he takes credit as a good leader, he does compliment her skills which causes her great joy as he, being as blunt honest as he is, complimented her. He is visibly unsettled by her openness to him and after calling her an idiot for forgetting her honorifics, he reminds she that he is only using her to get what he wants. When it seems almost as if he’s going to say something else to her, they are cut off by the return of the elite group who show them a magazine article featuring Takumi in England.[44]

He doesn't want to be called -san

Tora meets with Chiyo Sakurai and tells her to stop using the honorific -san with his name, saying that he has been calling her Chiyo all this time. She professes, saying she is hasn't got used to it being an engaged couple. She explains that she was worried that she will marry someone she never met before but was fortunate to be with a gentleman like Tora, to which he responds that she is frank as usual. When Tora asked her if she would be angry if he left overseas, she responded that she would be worried and uneasy, but she would ask her father to find him.[45]

After receiving permission for the trip from his father, Tora finally brings Misaki to England. [46] There, he has her study an outline of the castle and forces her into a helicopter rescue operation which he purposely sabotages for fun.[47] Then begins their real operation in which he sneaks her into the castle courtyard. He tells her that the people are looking to Takumi as their beckon on hope and without him, there will be no future for them. [48]

His confession

They are discovered by Cedric who chases after her, but Tora arranges for him to look after a few children to free up their operation.[49] He has Misaki dress as a castle maid and tells her bluntly that if she took Takumi back to Japan, she would be hurting a lot of people. He admires her sense of responsibility for other’s happiness over her own and when she says he’s only saying this to mock her, he tells her bluntly that he likes her as a woman. She pushes him away and he laughs at the face she makes, but sends her in to find Takumi while he goes back outside.[50]

After Misaki leapt from the castle and hurt herself, he is seen carrying her damaged form then fighting with her over her stubbornness until Takumi arrives. The two quarrel until Tora hands her over, thanking him for the treat. He is present when the Duke makes his appearance and banishes Takumi from the castle.[51] Tora is present as Misaki has her leg examined by the castle doctor and asks her how she can make it up to him and Gerald for ruining their business relations and inheritance plans respectively. She says nothing can be solved so easily.[52]

Kanade ships Tora-Chiyo

Tora leaves Misaki and returns to the hotel to find Kanade telling Takumi about everything he’d said to Misaki, including his confession. He accuses Maki of seeking revenge and when he reacts negatively, he asks him if he hates Misaki. The two bicker back and forth until Tora declares that Kanade wants to have Takumi remove Misaki from the scene, therefore allowing Tora to get along with his fiancé, Chiyo. Kanade is dramatically overjoyed to have been understood and Tora tells him to leave. Takumi remarks that a female Kanade would have been a good wife and Tora angrily tells him not to belittle Chiyo as a fiancé.[53]

Interrupts a tender moment for "Life"

Back to the subject of Misaki, Tora warns him to be on the lookout before she gets snatched away but Takumi denies that anyone would take her away without him giving a fight; he doesn’t consider Tora having made any impression on Misaki. Tora calls him immature and says he would really like to see Takumi’s resentful face before leaving.[54] He and Kanade return later, interrupting a tender moment between Takumi and Misaki to play board games all night long.[55]

He likes Takumi's "Resent-You-to-Death" face

The next morning, Tora must make a visit to a shop in town for Miyabigaoka business and brings the others along. They visit a general store for new products to be sold at Miyabigaoka and after a brief confrontation between the couple and an employee, all goes smoothly.[56] In the middle of his meeting, he catches the employees watching the couple in the yard and he just huffs.[57] The group finally arrives at the airport to board a plane to Japan. Misaki tries to thank him for all he’s done but he cuts her off by forcibly kissing her, much to the shock of the other three. He smirks at the furious Takumi, mocking him about how great his hateful face is.[58]

After a month back in Japan, Tora and Kanade pay a visit to Seika to accompany Miyabigaoka’s newest student council to meet with Seika’s. During his visit, he’s confronted by a guarded Misaki and Takumi and innocently asks if he did something to annoy him. This brings back memories of his kissing her and starts a battle of fighting spirit with Hinata Shintani and the Idiot Trio getting involved.[59]

Picking a fight early in the morning

After leaving the grounds, Kanade tells him that aggravating them won’t achieve him anything. Tora remarks that he finds her fighting eyes thrilling and that it’s only entertaining by doing it this way. Kanda asks how long he plans to continue this and Tora demands to know if he’d done any more drawings of his life that he needed to destroy. Kanade complains that Tora’s been keeping him form writing the biography he wants, but Tora doesn’t reply.

For Christmas, a letter to Takumi mentions Gerald having sent Tora a pair of leopard-print underpants as a gift, though his reaction to this is unknown.[60]

His bodyguards

Sometime over the next few months, Tora was attacked by men in suits, leading to Kanade being hurt. He acquired bodyguards to walk around with them at all times. When going to the test center to take his own exam, Tora runs into Misaki and the others from Seika. Before anything can start, he is rushed along by Kanade, but Takumi notices the suspicious people having seen the interaction.[61]

Tora is approached by Takumi at Miyabigaoka who wants to know about what’s happening. He mocks Takumi for being worried when he brought Misaki into their world, but Takumi remarks that it was Tora’s interaction with her at the center that might cause her trouble. Tora says it can’t be helped because the two are close which angers Takumi. The men in suits charge into the office at that point and the two teens physically fight them all off.[62]

Tora vs Takumi

When the battle has been won, Tora aims a kick at Takumi while pretending it to have been an accident. He tried to interrogate one of the fallen men, but must block an attack from Takumi who repeats the claim of an accident. The two begin to fight each other for real but Takumi gains the upper hand, telling him he wouldn’t lose to him. Misaki arrives at that point and bluntly slaps Takumi for standing her up, much to the shock of Tora. The two begin bickering until Misaki’s fever causes her to faint and Tora huffs at the two, calling them stupid.[63] Later, he can be seen violently confronting the person behind the attack.[64]

Ten Years Later

Ten years pass since graduation from Miyabigaoka. Over this time, Tora has already been married because he wears a wedding ring (it was not mentioned to whom, though assumed to be Chiyo). He’s also become more friendly to Takumi, being said to have helped each other over the years. Tora and Kanade arrive on a helicopter and assist Misaki and Takumi in escaping Gerald’s plans to interrupt their honeymoon.[65]

Chiyo asks for a Christmas date

In the final Bonus chapter, he plays the leading character alongside Chiyo, focusing on their relationship. Three years after the end of high school, he, Chiyo and Kanade Maki are university students. Shortly before Christmas, Chiyo approaches him to make plans for a date, but he apologizes that he must go home to Kyoto early for business. Chiyo agrees to go home early as well. Once they arrive in Kyoto, he politely pushes Chiyo away and goes to the Takoya Inn to discuss business for the Igarashi group. [66]

Orie wants to "negotiate" privately

The owner mentions how they had always been taken care of by the Hansen Group (rivals to Igarashi) and it was his daughter Orie, who had set up this meeting. After leaving the Inn, Tora is confronted by Orie who he went to middle school with and had seen often. She mocks him for not speaking in the Kyoto dialect and says how the manger of the Inn told her to call the Igarashi group. She says her father knows nothing of negotiation and invites Tora to talk business with her on Christmas.[67]

He thinks Chiyo's a brilliant fiance

Later that night at a bar, he and Kanade discuss this proposition, Kanade being annoyed that girls still give Tora invitations even though his engagement to Chiyo had been announced. Tora mentions how she’s a boring woman and Kanade reminds him how not all women are like Misaki Ayuzawa who he instructs Tora to get over, though he plays dumb. When Kanade asks him how he’ll apologize to Chiyo for not spending Christmas with her, Tora says how he doesn’t care what she feels and though he praises her abilities and calls himself fortunate for such a fiancé, he has no emotion for her. He believes that as long as he acts as an easy to understand gentleman, she won’t question his actions if he says they’re for work. Kanade asks him what would happen if Chiyo learned of this, while Tora smirks that their engagement might hopefully be cancelled.[68]

He finds out her scheme

On Christmas, Tora and Orie have left the Christmas party and arrived at a hotel. When she invites him to bed, he reveals that he knows what her true purpose was: to record the proceedings and use it against him to benefit Takoya. Orie is humiliated and Tora, disgusted by her immaturity, tells her to never speak of it again. As they exit the hotel, they run into Chiyo who Kanade admits to have called behind his back. Tora listens silently as Chiyo confidently confronts Orie and remarks that she knows he doesn’t love her because he’s in love with another woman Chiyo knows about. She also tells Orie that regardless, she refuses to give up on him.[69]

Chiyo's resolve

He underestimated Chiyo

After Orie has left, Chiyo wants to have a snowball fight to release her anger at Tora, but she misses him and hits Kanade instead. Tora finds this funny and remarks how interesting it is in Kansai dialect. Chiyo starts crying, but she is actually overjoyed that he’s finally used the Kyoto dialect while speaking in it herself. Tora is caught off guard and like Kanade, thought she had always spoken Standard Japanese unconsciously. She declares she did this because she didn’t want to seem too familiar, but Tora smirks and says she was simply being stubborn. She smiles back, unperturbed by his lecherous grin, and finally calls him ‘Tora’ without an honorific.[70]

In an additional bonus chapter, he is shown to be celebrating his son's birthday and invites Misaki and Usui to his son's birthday which they reject. It can be assumed that he had a son quite early since he his son is around five just after Usui and Misaki are wed.


Misaki Ayuzawa[]

Tora Kisses Misaki

Tora was initially extremely gallant to Misaki, seemingly impressed by her hard work, behavior as well as the changes she brought to Seika, though this was an act as he was bored and found Misaki interesting to "play with" and excite him. However, progressing into the series where Misaki appeals towards Tora for help in saving Usui when the latter goes to Britain, it is hinted that he holds romantic feelings for her, shown when Misaki happily responds to his compliment on her dancing being good as if it was said so by Tora, there was no way it could be wrong. Tora shows much surprise at that and repeats that the reason he is helping Misaki was because Usui was "a good chess piece to use" for connecting the Igarashi with the Britain nobles, while Misaki was supposed to be "a mere bait", though he realizes that it was regretful to do so. Later, he comments on her peaceful sleeping face and silently places his jacket over her. While Misaki is unaware of his possible feelings, she does respect him and the two have grown closer during the time of Misaki's training, though Tora has insisted that helping Misaki was for his own benefits.

When Misaki confronts Tora for telling her that there is something interesting about her that interests him by telling him she was aware that he only thought of her for as a pet to ease his boredom, Tora answered that he would not go as far as to say that she was a "pet" and tells her that he does sees her as a woman and likes her. He adds that if Misaki does not believe him, he could be affectionate and hug her at the moment, prompting a flustered Misaki to push him away. Tora does not address this any further but carries Misaki when she jumped from one of the floors of the castle, though Usui forcefully asked for him to hand Misaki over. At one point of time he also interrupted Misaki and Takumi while kissing, asking them to play a game with him and Maki comically. Tora forcefully kissed Misaki when she was trying to thank him for his help at the airport, though he passes this off as merely wanting to see Usui's "I-resent-you-to-death-face".[71]

Takumi Usui[]

Tora comments on Takumi

Tora shares a bitter relationship with Takumi, most probably because he is jealous of him over Misaki. Tora considers him as despicable, however, he also states that he and Misaki are very interesting.

Tora enjoys angering Takumi, as seen during the time when he was carrying Misaki and and thanked Takumi for the 'treat' when he asked him to hand her over.[72] A similar incident can be seen when he kissed Misaki in front of Takumi and commented that he liked the "I-resent-you-to-death" look on his(Takumi's) face.[73]

Takumi usually glares at Tora when he tries to get close to Misaki, and warns him to stay away from her. However, Tora promptly ignores him and seems to enjoys interrupting Takumi and Misaki when they are alone.[74]

It is shown 10 years later that Tora and Takumi have been doing each other favors, possibly hinting that their relationship has gotten better.

Kanade Maki[]

Tora and Maki

Tora usually treats Maki as his butler and is usually seen with Maki accompanying him. He has deep concern for Maki and usually wishes for his best, as seen when he agreed to give him the "Igarashi Financial Company's" land so that he could build the Steward Coffee Lounge.[75] When Maki was introduced for the first time, Tora described him as someone who excels in his performance and completes his job perfectly. He has much faith in Maki and believes that if Maki is the one handling a job, then it will definitely be a success.[76]

Maki shows great loyalty towards Tora and tries to think of the best for him, as seen when he told Takumi about the the time when Tora confessed to Misaki, so that he would force Misaki to leave Tora and he(Tora) would finally marry his fiancee, Chiyo.[77] Though this prompts and irritated Tora who overhears Maki's words to Usui about his (Tora's) growing relationship with Misaki toddle and whether Maki was trying to help him or get revenge, to which Maki feigns ignorance at the thought of revenge and pretends to cry happily when Tora does guess his plan to get rid of Misaki and have Tora marry Chiyo (further irritating Tora).

Chiyo Sakurai[]

He shows his true smile


Chiyo is Tora's fiancee, though it is implied that he holds no romantic feelings for her. Tora addresses Chiyo by her given name and tells her to stop using the honorific '-san' after his name, though he was still very calm and polite when speaking to her, making her pleased.

When Tora asked her if she would be angry if he left overseas, she responded that she would be worried and uneasy, but she would ask her father to find him. Tora remains silent at that, and it is generally implied that he was disappointed with her answer, and that the reason behind the question was to compare her reply with Misaki's.

Their relationship is further explored in the bonus chapter of the final volume. Three years after graduating high school, the two have continued to interact, though Tora remains distant due to his lingering affections for Misaki. By the end of the chapter, Tora has finally gained an interest in to Chiyo's personality due to her own usage of Kansei-ben and unwavering resolve to win his heart, despite knowing of his feelings for another woman.[78]

It is seen in the final chapter of the manga that he wears a wedding ring, implying that Tora and Chiyo are eventually married (which now makes her Chiyo Igarashi). The fact that he wears his ring in the privacy of a helicopter, given how much of a womanizer he was in his teen years, he might have changed his habits and have at least some respect for his marriage. [79]


  • "Even so, for a beginner, you're doing pretty well." [80]
  • "In other words, I am saying that I see you as a woman and I like you. If you can't believe me, then I can hug and be affectionate with you right here." [81]
  • "Get your ass over here." [82]


  • The name Tora means "tiger" (虎), which is the reason Gerald Walker calls him Tiger-kun.
    • It can also be related as he has unusual fangs.
  • Tora's surname Igarashi means "fifty storms" (五十嵐).
  • According to Tora's character profile:
    • Tora likes to socialize.
    • Tora's hobby is acting.
  • Tora hates to be addressed as "Tora-san" as he's told


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