The Idiot Trio are one of the few people who know about Misaki Ayuzawa's part-time job. They are Misaki's biggest fans and also faithful customers of Maid Latte.


The group consists of three boys, all coming from Seika High School. At the beginning they were all hostile towards Misaki, but after finding out that she works at a Maid cafe, they became her biggest fans and regularly visit the café.

  • Naoya Shirokawa: also known as Shiroyan is the unofficial leader of the group and used to be a delinquent at Seisen Middle School with Kurotatsu and later enrolled into Seika High. He initially disliked Misaki, because of her forceful methods of reforming Seika. He and his friends discover that she works at a maid café, but after she is defended by Takumi, they quickly become her biggest fans.
  • Ryūnosuke Kurosaki: also known as Kurotatsu was a delinquent in Middle School with Shiroyan. He is known for being the perverted one and likes "erotic things".
  • Ikuto Sarashina: also known as Ikkun, he is a closet otaku, he is actually good at drawing manga illustrations and enjoys writing.


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