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Takumi's Apartment is an apartment where Takumi Usui lives with Licht (Usui's cat).

Appearance and Features[]

An expensive condo in which Usui has lived since he started going to school. In his apartment, he has a sofa, table, a kitchen and presumably also a bathroom, as he can be heard taking a shower at the end of episode 11. The apartment also features a single, huge window along one wall of his living room. Surprisingly, the apartment does not seem to contain a bed, as Usui rests on the sofa whenever he is injured at home.

Visitors and events relating to Takumi's Apartment[]

Usui gives Misaki Ayuzawa a standing invitation to come to his house anytime, which she initially refuses. He leaves her with a scrap of paper showing his location and address, which she uses for the first time when she visits him. In the manga, Misaki spends a late night in Usui's house, when he tells her all about his past and family background. When she visits again, she meets Gerald Walker (Usui's brother), at the door wearing a blond wig and pretending to be Usui. He invites her inside, but she refuses on the basis that Usui, the owner of the house, has not given his permission. She enters the apartment only when Gerald realizes that he cannot fool her and removes his disguise.

Misaki visits Usui's apartment on several occasions after her initial visit, whenever she needs to talk to him urgently, deliver something or just visit him when he is sick. According to Misaki, the fridge in his apartment is not very well stocked, and he does not seem to eat at home very often. Although he is an exceptional cook and Misaki an awful one, Usui demonstrates that he would rather eat something she cooked, no matter how disgusting it is, than anything cooked by anyone else, including himself.