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Takezawa (武沢, Takezawa) is a student of Seika High School.


He is a young boy with shoulder-length brown hair and grey eyes. He wears the standard Seika High School uniform. Takezawa has an average weight.


Not much is known about his past except the fact that he attended the same Middle School as Misaki Ayuzawa and the two of them were familiar with one another.


Takezawa talking to Takumi

Takezawa first appears inside a classroom alone with Takumi. He is asked by Takumi, who knows that he went to Middle School with Misaki, whether Misaki has always acted like she currently does. In response, Takezawa states she wasn't and became that way around the second year and was a normal girl before. Mentioning that there were rumors about her family having problems, Takezawa notes that it is rare for Takumi to express interest in girls and yet he is expressing interest in the president.[1]


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