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Shōsei Nikaidō (二階堂 匠生, Nikaidō Shōsei) also known as Shō (翔, Shō) is a classmate of Kuuga at the Yumesaki High School and the guitarist of the indie band UxMishi.


Shōsei is a normal teenager with short black hair and grey eyes. Shōsei is of an average height and weight. He is usually seen wearing his high school uniform.


Shōsei is a fairly quiet guy who doesn't talk often. He doesn't express himself that much. At a fan meeting with one of their biggest fans, Sakura, he looks a bit aloof and disinterested.


He is first  seen on the stage along with the others UxMishi members. In the manga, he is first seen when Sakura introduces him and his other bandmates to Misaki Ayuzawa and Shizuko Kaga. At the tea party organized by the band at a cafe where The Moron Trio work part-time as waiters, Shōsei drinks tea and is pretty quiet. When the girls leave, Shōisei wonders why the waiters are looking at them so intensely. Shōsei later appears in the series during the Yumesaki Festival, on stage with the other UxMishi members.


  • According to the character profile in the manga:
    • He is able to sleep in 3 seconds.
    • He likes instant ramen.