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Seisen Middle Schoolis a school attended by Aoi Hyoudou and previously Naoya Shirokawa , Gōki Aratake and Ryuunosuke Kurosaki. The school had a large amount of delinquents and they were strongly united, but they've dispersed.


Naoya was the strongest delinquent in Seisen Middle School. He was known as Seisen Middle School's legendary top or "Tornado's white demon" whom people fear above all. At some point, he saved Gōki Aratake when he was being bullied by some delinquents. After this, he became Gōki's senpai and trained him in order to make him stronger.


At Seisen Middle School, students have to wear school uniform:

Male: The boys wear a black gakuran with a white shirt underneath and black dress pants. But for some reason, Aoi's gakuran and dress pants are navy blue.

Female: The girls wear a black long-sleeved sailor uniform with white lining and red sailor tie and black pleated skirt.


After Naoya's graduation, Gouki became the strongest delinquent in the Seisen Middle School. In the manga Gouki graduates from the Seisen Middle School and now attends the Seisen Industry.