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Secret Base or Hideout is the infamous secret base or hideout of the delinquents in Seisen Middle School, particularly the Aratake Gang. This is where they usually hangout and bond together.


The Aratake Gang can’t believe "Shiroyan", their former senpai, —Naoya Shirokawa of the Idiot Trio—has gone soft. Aratake is unable to accept it and wants the old Naoya back. When Gouki Aratake wanted to meet Naoya Shirokawa, who is known as the "White Devil"; they kidnapped Shouichirou Yukimura and hide him here because they thought that he is Shirokawa's girlfriend. As Misaki, the Idiot Trio, Usui, and Aoi came to save Yukimura; they later know their past and the reason on why Shirokawa decided to quit being a delinquent.