Sakura's Love is the Indie is the 10th episode of Kaichou wa Maid-sama!. It first aired on June 3, 2010.


Sakura is an avid fan of the indie rock band UxMishi, and falls in love with its vocalist, Kuuga. The next day, Sakura invites Misaki and Shizuko to a tea party that the band hosts next week at a café where the Idiot Trio are working part-time as waiters. As the meeting goes smoothly, Kuuga starts to take an interest in Misaki and simply ignores Sakura. When Misaki leaves the bathroom, she finds him outside with his bandmate Kou. Kuuga again attempts to flirt with her and Misaki is shocked when he tells her he doesn't have feelings for Sakura, the invitation to her being just fanservice.

Despite Kou telling him to stop, Kuuga continues to hit on Misaki until Usui, disguised as a waiter, stops him. Usui can only give some advice for Misaki, who is unsure on how to deal with this development. Back at the table, Kuuga continues to hit on Misaki, even asking Sakura to invite her to the concert. This hurts Sakura, although she complies. As his flirts become insults towards Misaki, Sakura tells him to stop. Misaki, having enough of his behavior, grabs him by the necktie and tells him that she won't entrust Sakura to someone like him.

After leaving the café, Shizuko reprimands Misaki for making a scene at the café; and Sakura for not being careful about choosing boys. Sakura is comforted by Misaki with a pat on the head and Misaki hopes that one day, Sakura will find someone that will truly love her. Meanwhile, in the café, Kou begins scolding Kuuga for his behavior In response Kuuga puts on a sour face and ignores him, telling Kou he acts like his father while Shou questions why the waiters are staring at them so intensely.


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