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Raven Castle is a location in England and the place where the Walker Family members and employees are living. This is also the place where Patricia Walker met Yū Hirose.


The Raven Castle is big and spacious. It has many rooms and it's walls are decorated with valuable paintings. According to Gerald , the doors are valuable cultural properties in the house. Up to Takumi's room, the castle is about the height of a normal 5 story building.[1]


The castle is very popular and loved as every year many tourists come to visit it. According to them, one can feel the charm of history coming from it[2] and the rooms open to the public are definitely worth seeing.[3] Raven Castle's special goods (wine and lavender field) are the main product of Gerald's lifestyle stores.

Known Employees[]


Raven Castle Festival[]

Raven Castle Festival is a day of celebration, when people look back at the Walker's Family brilliant history and pray for the land's peace and prosperity.


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