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Mrs. Hartson (ミセス ハートソン Misesu Hātoson) is an employee at one of the lifestyle stores that Gerald Walker manages.


Mrs. Hartson is a short and round middle-aged woman with straight medium light-colored hair that is tied in a loose ponytail. Her eyes are light-colored and she wears spectacles with rounded lens. She is seen wearing a dark-coloured shirt and a pair of pants.


Not much is known about her personality, but she seems a kind person. When Takumi and Misaki appeared, she was very surprised and started whispering while staring at them. However, she is shown to have a apologetic side as she apologized for her impoliteness. It seemed Mrs. Hartson and Tora have been knowing each other. She was glad that the cloth products were popular with the students.


Mrs. Hartson is first seen at the lifestyle store, surprised like the other employees by Takumi's arrival. She stares at Misaki and Takumi and then starts whispering along with Amy and the other employees. As Tora says it's been a while since they last meet, Mrs. Hartson apologizes for her impoliteness. Then she asks Tora if he's here for the new products and says that they have it already there.[1] Mrs. Hartson also says she is glad as she heard that the cloth products were popular with the students.[2] Then they continue their negotiation regarding the products.


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