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Mr. Usui is Takumi's adoptive father and one of Patricia's maternal cousins.


Mr. Usui is a middle-aged man with short dark-coloured hair combed back and also dark-coloured eyes. He is seen wearing a business suit which consists of a white shirt and a cardigan.


Not much is known about his personality, but after they adopted Takumi, Ms. Usui was afraid of the Walker Family and raised Takumi in secrecy, but when Gerald contacted him and his wife for queries, they happily sent Takumi to England.[1]He was quite surprised by Takumi's visit and his talking about future, considering him an unreadable child.  Ms. Usui family doesn't want him to do any part-time job's because they fear that him being an illegitimate child will be exposed. 


When Patricia died giving birth to Takumi, Richard didn't want anyone to know about his existence and sent his newborn grandson to Japan in order to be raised by Ms. Usui, Patricia's maternal cousin. Because his English grandfather was very angry at his daughter's action and doesn't want anyone to know about his existence, instead of going to school he was tutored at home and changed tutors regularly because they didn't know what to teach him but told him that he should use his brain more often. One of those tutor's was Maria Miyazono's mother.

Takumi got bored of homeschooling and randomly selected a school (through a school catalog) and decided to enroll in Seika High School with the permission of his adoptive father and English grandfather after explaining that Seika is not much of a decent school and that no one will know about his family. To cope with his former living, he is aided financially and was allowed to move into a high-rise condo where he lives alone.


Mr. Usui first appears when Takumi goes to meet with his adoptive parents. Mr. Usui is visible surprised by his visit.[2] Takumi thanks him and and her wife for everything they have done for him. He talks to them about his future. Then Mr. Usui and his wife are discussing over Takumi's visit and speech. They state that he is an unreadable child and that it's too heavy a load for them.[3]


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