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Miyabigaoka's Elite Group is a group of students from Miyabigaoka High School who belong to wealthy and influential families gathered in order to befriend Takumi Usui.


Due to pressure from his family, Takumi Usui was influenced into leaving Seika High School and transferring to Miyabigaoka High School so as to better prepare himself for his future.

Upon joining the school, it was thought Takumi would have no friends. At the behest of his older, half-brother Gerald, President Tora Igarashi came up with a plan and arranged for a group of students who would become friends with Takumi.


Tomu Umekōji: The older brother of Kaon, Tomu is the grandson of a famous international toy maker. Between the two siblings, Tomu is far less vain and more cautious than his sister.

Kaon Umekōji: The younger sister of Tomu, Kaon is the granddaughter of a famous international toy maker. Kaon is quite flirtatious and, upon taking Takumi's phone from him, claims to Misaki Ayuzawa to be his fiancee.

Ichitarō Tomikōji : Ichitarō is the son of the director of an IT company. As such, he has a strong fascination with technology and uses a tablet to type words and communicate since he is very talkative.

Tenryū Arashiyama: Tenryū is the son of the CEO of a foreign capital bonds company and an enthusiastic beauty stylist.

Yi Hua Li: Li is the daughter of a Hong Kong millionaire and the fiancee of Arashiyama.