Misaki Ayuzawa has built many relationships over the course of the series that have defined her and others. Many of these relationships started off antagonistic, but through her tenacity and empathy, they developed into deep and lasting friendships.

Love Interests Edit

Sakura Hanazono Edit

Sakura and Misaki are good friends, and they often do things together along with Shizuko. Misaki is very protective of Sakura, knowing about her tendency to fall in love without considering what the person is really like, and her popularity with Seika High's male population. During the sport festival, the boys chose Sakura as the kisser as a prize for the "Obstacle Race". This made Misaki tried her best to win the race. While in the race her opponent Gouda pushed her near the side of the school's swimming pool causing Takumi to save her and race for her. Misaki continue the race even though she knew she would not win. When Takumi beat Gouda, he rejected the prize of letting Sakura kiss him. So the prize went to Misaki who was the runner up and Sakura kissed her on the cheek.Misaki feels happy for Sakura seeing her in love, describing Sakura as cute. At that time Misaki, Sakura, and Shizuko meeting UxMishi in the café, Sakura saw that Kuuga really liked Misaki. Misaki didn't know how to handle the situation and stood up to Kuuga, saying she won't hand Sakura over to him. Later that night, after being scolded by Shizuko, Misaki found herself comforting Sakura by patting her head. Sakura then makes sure that next time she falls in love, she'll make sure that he pats her in the head,but then misaki pat her on the head and they both fell in love.


Sakuya AyuzawaEdit

Sakuya is Misaki and Suzuna's absentee father. The main reason why Misaki resented boys at the first place was because of her father. It was said that Misaki and Suzuna's Father, Sakuya, abandoned his own family when Misaki and Suzuna were still very young, leaving them a huge debt for them to deal with.

Both Misaki and Suzuna find a chef at the Maid-Café where Misaki works in. When Suzuna tasted the triangular-shaped rice balls made by him, she found the taste familiar and immediately asked to see the chef. When Suzuna finally got to the kitchen, everyone follows her to see if something was wrong, causing Sakuya to get nervous. As Suzuna continues her conversation with Misaki about the rice balls, Sakuya finally decided to reveal himself to them.

The real reason why Sakuya left his family was to shoulder his friend's debt. Misaki's mother, who knew the truth, hid it from Misaki and Suzuna so that they would not worry waiting for their father. She, along with Suzuna, refused to accept him back because he left them for too long and did not return.

Minako AyuzawaEdit

Minako is Misaki and Suzuna's mother. Misaki cares for her sickly mother very much, knowing her current condition. Misaki's father left their family with a huge debt, so both Misaki and her mother had to work very hard in order to pay it off. Minako was frequently worried about Misaki and her social life in particular, as she explained to Takumi when she met him in the street. She was afraid that Misaki spent too much time at work or studying, and not enough time "falling in love" or going out with friends like a "normal high school student".

Suzuna AyuzawaEdit

Misaki is asked to drop off a card

Suzuna and Misaki

Misaki's rather eccentric and apathetic sister. She is very passive and shows very little emotion. She is in middle school so she is unable to take a part-time job, so to help her mother and sister in terms of financial problems she joins magazine contests, in which she seems to have unrivaled luck, in order to win prizes, which are usually food. She also keeps tabs on shops that are about to have sales on certain items so they could buy it at a cheaper price. She usually addresses Misaki fondly as "sis" or "Onee-chan" and appears to have a relatively good relationship with her. The two sisters also look very much alike, except that Suzuna has shorter hair than Misaki which she wears in two pigtails most of the time.

Friends Edit

Hinata ShintaniEdit

Hinata and Misaki in the shed

Hinata and Misaki

Shintani and Misaki were childhood friends, and Misaki regularly defended him from neighborhood bullies who would tease him because of his fat. As such Shintani developed a long-standing crush on her, even coming back from his grandparents' farm to the city to search for her. When he admits his feelings for her, he pushes her to come to terms with her feelings for Takumi. He is accepting of her feelings, saying that he will wait for her, and even after she begins to date Takumi, he tells her that he will not give up, because there is still the chance that she will change her mind and decide that he is better for her. However, this may not be the case anymore as in the final chapter, Usui and Misaki have married and he is happily married to her sister, Suzuna. Misaki and Shintani remain close friends and help eachother when the other has a problem.

Takumi UsuiEdit

Just as she already hid the fact that she likes Takumi, but not as he likes her from everyone around her and even from herself and because of that she always tends to fight with Takumi and calling him names, she also tries to hide her friendship with him as she thinks she will lose her authority with the guys at school if they find out. Later in the manga, Chapter 63, a small event is hosted by the students of Seika where everyone who wants to has the opportunity to confess to Takumi in front of everyone else. But what suprised Takumi was that Misaki didn't confess only because she liked one of her best friends, Sakura Hanazono.

Shizuko KagaEdit

Shizuko shouting

Shizuko angry at Misaki

Shizuko is another of Misaki's good friends, who is in the flower arranging club along with Sakura. She is quiet and thoughtful, but often has angry outbursts at Sakura, reprimanding her for her tendency to fall in love so quickly with the wrong guys. As revealed in episode 11, she is very good with computers, but is evidently an average student, as she is only in class 2-3 with Sakura. According to Sakura, she has a brother and sister in university and junior high, and that all three of them look alike.

Tora IgarashiEdit

Tora kisses misaki

Tora kisses Misaki

His first appearance was not with Misaki. They met after Tora reviewed a file about Seika High School and its president. Soon after, he meets Misaki Ayuzawa when he comes to Seika High. Upon meeting her and noting her beauty, Tora is quick to kiss her hand and try to "woo" her. Tora praised her several times for how she ran Seika High. Seeming to have mixed feelings; looking forward to future dealings with Ayuzawa and an interest in her yet having an odd distaste towards her, he is not one to give a straight answer. Tora asks Misaki to join Miyabigaoka High School. Though she is hesitant, Tora assures her he will take care of the admission work. As she brings up her inability to pay the fees, he offers her a scholarship. He initially gives Misaki three days to decide, telling her that she has made Seika High a good school, and takes his leave[1]. When Ayuzawa goes to Miyabigaoka to give her answer, a male with no name spills a drink on her causing her to need to change. However the only outfit available was a maid outfit. (On purpose by Tora who knew of her job.) He misunderstands that Misaki came to accept the offer, however, it was quite the opposite. He comments that Misaki is different from all the other girls around him who only want his money, and that he finds her actions quite interesting. Nevertheless, after his offer was rejected, Tora pins her down and tries to forcefully kiss her, until Usui, having defeated Tora's minions, comes to Misaki's rescue.

In the manga, Tora and Misaki's relationship becomes a lot closer because of his involvement with Usui's transfer to Miyabigaoka and trip to England. Tora is the one who prepares her and flies with her to England to meet Usui. Due to Chapter 76 it is hinted Tora has romantic feelings towards Misaki (even though he already has a fiancé). He finds her interesting and her unusual reaction amuse him. After sharing a dance together, due to Misaki trying to learn to be a "lady", Tora expresses kindness to Misaki by also covering her with his jacket when she falls asleep. In Chapter 78, after Misaki asks why he's going so far to help, Tora confesses to her, saying "I see you as a woman and I like you," making her blush and pushing him away, shutting down his advance. Later, she's reunited with Usui who's bothered by Tora's relationship with her. He also knows about them sharing a dance and Tora's confession due to Maki (Tora's servant).


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