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Misa is a Maid! is the 1st episode of Kaichou wa Maid-sama!.


Misaki Ayuzawa is the first female student council president of the previously all-boys Seika High School. While she is highly respected by the female students and staff, the male students both fear and loath her. One particular student, Takumi Usui, irritates Misaki because he bluntly rejects girls who confess their love to him. Misaki works secretly at a maid café called Maid Latte to support her family due to her father leaving them with a large debt. However, she is discovered by Takumi and fears her secret will be exposed at school. After hearing Misaki's reasons for working, Takumi keeps her secret and chooses to annoy her by regularly visiting Misaki at work as a customer. When Misaki becomes sick due to stress and fatigue, Takumi notices and advices Misaki to loosen up, but she rejects his advice. At work, three male students from her school, whom she routinely ridicules as the "Idiot Trio" discover Misaki in her uniform. The three start to harass Misaki, but Takumi intervenes. Misaki apologizes to Takumi before fainting. After Misaki recovers, Takumi tells Misaki that he asked the boys to keep Misaki's secret but starts teasing Misaki about her becoming his personal maid for a day as his reward.

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