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Kiyomasa Katada (堅田 清正, Katada Kiyomasa) is a classmate of Misaki Ayuzawa at Seika High School and also a member of the Student Council. He is the Head Disciplinary Officer of Seika High School.


He is a normal teenage boy with black hair parted on the right side of his face and rectangular glasses that obscure his eyes. He wears his school uniform properly and serves primarily as Misaki's flagship at school. He has an average weight.


Like all boy from the Student Council he feared Misaki but respects her at the same time commenting on how she changed the school. He is also a sensible person. Kiyomasa is also a studious, calm, rational and realistic boy.


He is not mentioned often in the anime and manga, but Misaki often uses him as a role model regarding the school attire. He also conducts the moral check with Misaki.