This page explains and details the functions, abilities and roles of the Policy & Standards Council.

At the current time, the wiki is looking for more members of the Policy & Standards Council. If you wish to obtain the rollback tool, please contact Ultraprime2.

What is the Council?

The members of the Policy & Standards Council are rollback users. A rollback user is a user who has been entrusted with the rollback tool to assist in the management and maintenance of the wiki. This status may be granted by the founder or by a bureaucrat.

At any given time, the council will have no more than 5 members.

Council Members

Councilor Position Current Status
Tinchey President Inactive
Appleplum Vice President Active
(Vacant) 3rd Seat -
(Vacant) 4th Seat -
(Vacant) 5th Seat -

Responsibilities of Councilors

  • Quality check the recent edits to articles.
  • Quality check articles in general.
  • Roll-back vandalism.
  • Solve issues which don't require the intervention of administrators.

Powers of Councilors

  • Close discussions where the topic has been resolved.
  • Revert bad edits with the rollback tool.
  • Monitor talk pages/forums/blogs.

Requirements to Join

  • Be trusted by the administrators.
  • Decent amount of time on the wiki.
  • Proven to be a capable editor with a minimum edit count of 100.
  • No serious history of problems.
  • Fluency in the English language.

Removal of a Committee Member

Conditions under which an involuntary removal/resignation would be considered:

  • In-active for a prolonged period of time.
  • Abuse of rollback privileges
  • Violation of Kaichou Wa Maid-Sama! Wiki policies.
  • Non-performance/non-communication with the council - this is different from being in-active. They might still be active in the wiki but if they suddenly stop working, then it's a problem.

Former Council Members

Name Former Position Date Removal due to
Kaoko Rollback April 28th 2011 - August 23 2012 Inactivity


For use by Rollback users and Administrators only.

Rollback badge This user has rollback power on Kaichou Wa Maid-Sama! Wiki.
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