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Kōma Yabu (藪 煌真, Kōma Yabu) also known as (コウ, ) is a classmate of Kūga at the Yumesaki High School and the bassist in the indie band UxMishi.


Kōma is a short teenager with short teal hair with his bangs hanging on his right side of the face and yellow eyes. He also wears oval spectacles with a string. He is seen wearing his Yumesaki High School uniform with a light purple scarf.


He is a boy with a lot of hardship and has a good personality, always scolding Kūga for his rude behavior, but he is seemingly one of his close friends. He is very responsible and is more down-to-earth and respects his fans. Kūga claims the fact that Kōma acts like his father. To maintain close contact with his fans, he also agrees in their "fan service" without hesitation.


Kōma is first seen at a UxMishi concert, on the stage. In the manga, he is first seen when Sakura introduces him and his other bandmates to Misaki Ayuzawa and Shizuko Kaga. Later, he, along with Kūga, goes to the washroom. He seems disappointed because Sakura brought only two of her friends along with her, stating that he wasn't expecting less than 20 girls[1]. He is also seen accompanying Kūga when he wanted to have a "private talk" with her[2]. Later, he also tries to stop Kūga from harassing Misaki, stating that fans are important. After Misaki leaves, he scolds Kūga for his misbehavior.


  • His last name means "bush".
  • His first name means "gleam truth".


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