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He is a teenage boy with grey eyes and short, dark blue hair. He is usually seen wearing a Seika High School uniform. he is also one of the 3 idiots



Ikuto arrives at school

Ikuto appears alongside the rest of the idiot trio at the gates to Seika High where they are lectured by Misaki about proper dress code, with Ikuto specifically warned about his belt.[1] Later on, the three of them are found once again by Misaki as they litter or forcing a female to their cleaning duties because they don’t feel like cleaning, having also neglected proper dress. When asked by Misaki to remove his earrings, Naoya refuses and Ikuto watches as Misaki promptly rips them from his ears, much to his shock and pain.[2]

In the last chapter, he is working as a famous illustrator.


  • "I would like to draw a portrait of you.. Please be my personal maid."[3]
  • "That's alright I'm an otaku! I have always been drawing manga secretly! My dream is to become a mangaka! I've always anticipated to get famous mangaka's signatures through various connections!"[4]


  • His first name, Ikuto, means "many constellations".
  • According to the character profile in the manga:
    • He is specialized in drawing.
    • He loves pure romance game.
  • In his second year he was in class 2-5 and in his third year he was in class 3-6.[5]


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