Hideki Suzuki (鈴木 秀樹, Suzuki Hideki) is a student of Seika High School and is the shōgi club president. He is in class 2-7.


Hideki is a young boy with long spiky black hair and dark eyes. He also wears dark-rimmed glasses. He is usually seen wearing his school uniform.


He is good friends with Shouichirou Yukimura, because he helped him rebuild his club. He is also helpful, agreeing to help him make his speech for the Student Council Election.


Sometime in the past Shouichirou Yukimura helped him rebuild his club.


When Shouichirou was running for Student Council Vice President, he asked Hideki-kun to give a campaign speech.

During the school trip, he was seen talking with Shizuko Kaga.


  • His last name, Suzuki, mean "sea bass" or "perch".
  • His first name, Hideki, mean "bright tree".
  • His favorites includes Shrines and Temples.


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