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Even The Maid is a Footman is the 18th episode of Kaichou wa Maid-sama!. It first aired on July 29, 2010.


As Kanō continues to overcome his fear of girls by working with Yukimura, Misaki plans to repay the favors she owes Usui. Meanwhile, the Miyabigaoka Student Council returns as they, through the powerful dining company owned by Kanade Maki's family, aim to buy Maid Latte in a hostile takeover, and plan to replace it with a butler café. The only way for Misaki to stop this is to join the male-only footman auditions that Maki, through his "boss" Tora, set up, in disguise. As the audition's challenges become more difficult, Misaki's partner Subaru is disqualified after she fails to change into her tailcoat in a minute and revealing her real gender. They also discover that Kanō and Yukimura, and a masked Aoi and Usui has joined as well, but the underage Aoi gets disqualified. Just as Misaki's and Usui's teams are about to be disqualified, Tora suggests that the remaining team members become one, and Misaki passes the gender test by grabbing Usui's hand and planting it on her chest, which was, at the time, covered by a chest binder, tricking everyone into thinking she is a boy. Misaki and Usui are then allowed to pair up and move on to the next round.


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