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Outdoor School Camp Part 2 is the 28th chapter of theKaichou wa Maid-Sama! Manga.


The third day of

the outdoor school camp has arrived and Misaki is happy that the boys are not creating a ruckus. However, Takumi and Hinata start fighting, much to her annoyance. As punishment, she makes them sit out in the open. She goes in to check on the other guys, and is surprised to see that they are sleeping peacefully. Troubled Hinata asks Takumi if he and Misaki are dating, but Takumi replies that he wont put himself in such a troublesome situation. 

It starts raining heavily and the group has problems in rea

ching their destination. Sakura wonders if the guys will get zombified, a rumor spread by the senior students. Takumi and Hinata begin their brawl, however, they come to a halt after noticing that the other boys have lost their sanity. Misaki tries to protect the girls and is able to safely leave the place with them. Shizuko explains that the teachers must be setting up barricade to prevent any mishappenings, however, everyone is stunned to know that it is not possible due to the storm. On the other hand, the hungry guys decide to search for the girls. Misaki decides to go and assist the teacher in setting up the barricade, however, she runs into the boys. She is surprised to see Hinata, who tagged along to meet her. The boys try to attack Misaki, however, she fights back, with Hinata helping her. Soon, Takumi arrives and joins the game. The guys flee from the place after seeing him. 

Misaki returns back to the girls, who are happy to see her. Takumi asks Misaki to come with him. He asks her if Hinata is special to her. Embarrassed, Misaki tells him that Hinata is hard to handle, but he(Takumi) is even harder to deal with, much to his shock. He says that he is at his limits and was worried for nothing. He smiles as Misaki notices that the rain has stopped.