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This page lists the differences that occurred during the transition from manga to anime.

Please note: Changes are not in any particular order.

Manga Anime
In the manga Misaki wore an apron over her Maid uniform, much like Satsuki Hyoudou's. In the anime she wore the standard Maid Latte uniform.
The two men that tried to assault Misaki were referred to as rapists. In the anime they were referred as stalkers.
The Yumeyama Brothers appear to be five brothers, each appearing different than other. In the anime they appear as quintuplets, each looking exactly the same.
When Takumi jumped off the roof, he was seen bleeding from his wounds. That was altered in the anime, but a few scratches were seen.
When Tora Igarashi came to visit Seika High School, he offered Misaki a red carpet and a carriage to school. In the anime that didn't happen.
In the manga Tora, walked past Maid Latte and saw Takumi Usui and Misaki Ayuzawa (though not her face). In the anime that didn't happen.
In the manga, Tora Igarashi pinned down Misaki Ayuzawa. In the anime he pinned her down and tried to forcefully kiss her.
In the manga, Suzuna Ayuzawa and Minako Ayuzawa do not appear till late in the manga.

They appeared in the first episode

In the manga, Misaki's first time showing any interest in Usui's private life is when she visits Usui's house after he protected her at the Footman's Audition.

In the anime, the first time she shows interest in Usui's private life is when she stalks Usui with her friends to see what his daily routine is like. This does not happen in the manga.