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Amy (エイミー, Eimī) is an employee at one of the lifestyle stores that Gerald Walker manages.


Amy is a young girl with light-colored eyes and straight medium light-colored hair, a part of it being tied in a loose ponytail. She has freckles around her noise and also an average weight. Amy is seen wearing a dark-colored shirt and a pair of pants.


Amy is, like the other citizens, very fond of Gerald. She admires him and when she saw Takumi at the store she had an outburst towards him regarding his "betrayal". She seems a vulcanic and outspoken person as she verbally accused Takumi. Amy also thinks that Takumi, a prince, of all the ladies he had to choose Misaki, an ordinary girl. Her opinion eventually changes after they save her.


Amy is first seen at the lifestyle store, surprised like the other employees by Takumi's arrival. She stares at Misaki and Takumi and then starts whispering along with Mrs. Hartson  and the other employees.[1] Shortly after, she starts causing a ruckus and accusing Takumi of betraying Gerald, despite the attempts to stop her. Misaki tries to explain that Takumi is forced but he stops her, saying that staying in the castle for some days, he came to understand things about the high expectations on Gerald.[2] Amy still keeps making a fuss and causes the cabinet to fall on her[3], but Takumi and Misaki saves her. Then they ask her if she's O.K and Amy, surprised, says she is.[4]


  • How dare you show up here so nonchalantly! Treading on Gerald-sama's hard work like this! Betraying him like this is too much![5]
  • You guys probably don't know but... have you thought of how Gerald-sama felt when he tried to invite his "brother" to the castle?[6]


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